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How To Add Some Bling To Your Presentation Folder

Folders Unlimited offers embossing and/or debossing for your presentation folders

OK, maybe “bling” isn’t the correct word, but here’s a short list of some add-ons, embellishments, and fancy extras that can really make your product stand out.

Style of Your Folder

A standard 9 X 12 presentation folder with two 4” pockets is what most people use, it works for most people, but can be boring and regular. Change up the style, shape, size, and configuration of your folder by going with an unlimited array of custom and different options. Create your own, or choose from hundreds of dies we have in stock. By choosing a unique style or shape, the gluing and assembly of your product becomes intriguing and yours.

Foil Stamping

Most people think of foil stamping as ordinary shiny gold foil. Well, that’s fine for some things, but we have tons of metallic golds or silvers, bright colors, matte colors, black or white, holographic patterns, pearls, clear foils, and on-and-on. It’s no wonder why most book covers, folding paper boxes, and business printing products have bright foil stamping included—people see and buy! A customer will most likely choose the product that looks best over a hum-drum and drab ordinary one. The myth is that foil stamping costs too much–that’s not true at all. In the overall cost of an item, adding a nice foil only adds pennies. You can really spice it up by adding a 2nd or 3rd foil color.


Embossing is where the image on the paper is “raised up”, and Debossing is where the image is “pushed down” into the paper. A blind emboss/deboss is an image that is not registered to ink or foil—just the emboss sitting there all by itself. Most embossed/debossed patterns or images go along with (or on top of) a printed logo, or foil stamped logo. If you really want to add some value, impressive looks to your product then embossing along with foil stamping will do the trick.

Spot UV Coatings

UV coatings come in a variety of looks, names, and feels. There’s the standard Gloss UV with can be a flood of the whole sheet, folder, or box, or a Spot Gloss UV image only. Spot UV really makes a photo or image stand out. Most promotional brochures, folding cartons, book covers have some sort of Spot UV on them—it attracts the attention of the buying consumer. Other types of UV include; Dull UV, Satin UV, Glitter UV, Textured UV, Ruff Dull UV, Raised UV. A combination of 2 or 3 UV’s can also be achieved with the proper planning and design. UV applications can be a little tricky, so the right paper, planning, and design needs to be considered.