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Choosing The Best Paper Weight For Your Project

Paper (stock) stored in printer warehouse

Choosing the right paper for your folder project is important. In general terms, paper weights are measured in 2 different values, Points and Pounds.

The Point (pt.) System for Paper Weight

Being with this example: 10pt. means the paper is 10/1,000ths of an inch thick or heavy. In the point system, paper comes as C1S (coated 1 side) or C2S (coated 2 sides). This coating is not to be confused with varnish, aqueous, or UV coatings — it’s the clay coating the paper mill applies when making the paper. This clay coating provides a good substrate or surface to be printed on. You use a C1S when printing 1 side of the press sheet, and C2S when printing 2 sides of the sheet. Most folders are printed 1 side. Typical folder weights are either 10pt., 12pt., 14pt., 15pt., and 16pt., (12pt. is our most common paper weight and most economical).

The Pound (#) System for Paper Weight

There are generally two types of paper we use in this system.

White coated cover stock, and white or a variety of colored uncoated cover stocks. White coated cover comes in a variety of finishes such as gloss, satin, matte, dull, etc. Again, the coating is referring to the clay coating applied at the paper mill, and is not to be confused with the after-coatings we apply after printing. Since we almost always apply an aqueous coating on top of all printed folders, the type of coating from the mill is not too important — we’ll help you choose the best paper that fits your project. The most common weights are 80# cover and 100# cover.

Uncoated cover stocks. This option has textures such as smooth, linen, felt-weave, laid, columns, etc. Most folders on uncoated stocks are either smooth or linen as all the others are very expensive and not always available. The most common weights are 80# linen, and 100# linen.

Although these are the most common paper stocks, there are 100’s of weight, texture, and color combinations to choose from. Give us a call and we’ll help you choose.