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Aqueous Coating vs. UV Coating – What Are The Differences?

What's the difference between UV and Aqueous Coatings?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different after-coatings available for our presentation folders and other printed products:

Press Varnish. This is hardly ever used anymore as it’s just a clear ink and really gives no protection at all. It’s old-fashioned and we never use it.

Aqueous Coatings. They come in dull, satin, gloss, and soft touch. An Aqueous Coating can be applied right on the press as we’re printing, or offline later. Either way Aqueous Coatings protect the ink from scuffing, smudging, offsetting (transferring to the other side of the sheet), and keep it looking nice. Almost everything we print automatically gets an Aqueous Coating–jobs wouldn’t make it through the shipping process otherwise. There’s never an extra charge for this coating as we feel it’s essential in the overall quality of our product.

UV Coatings. These are the “real deal” as far as protection. They come in many different cool varieties. Flood UV Coating comes in dull, satin, and gloss. Spot UV Coating comes in the same dull, satin, gloss, plus ruff dull, satin textured, raised (like an emboss), glitter, or a combination of them. UV Coating is the most protective liquid coating available. It will keep your materials looking good for years to come, and (like aqueous) keeps the ink from being damaged in shipping. You can do lots of amazing things with Spot UV’s. If you want your design and product to really stand out, choose a Spot UV—it will grab your potential customer’s attention and get them to buy. It’s no wonder why so many books, packaged products, brochures, and folders have Spot UV because when you see that on the shelf, you’re attracted to buy it.

Film Lamination. This is not really a coating, but a clear film glued to the sheet. It is very expensive and does not work with all processes, but it is the very most protection you can buy. It comes in dull and gloss. We can tell you if lamination is a good fit for your project.